Town Revaluation Notice:                                                     Town of Cicero                                          2022 Exterior Revaluation Notice          Action Appraisers & Consultants, Inc. has been contracted by the Town of Cicero   to perform an Exterior Revaluation of all properties in the town for 2022.   We will start exterior inspections Monday, April 11, 2022 and continue until complete. We   plan to be complete by Friday, May 27, 2022. If you have questions please call us at   920-766-7323 or email [email protected]   Wisconsin Statutes, Section 70.32, instructs assessors to value property based on “actual   view”. If an assessor is not allowed access to view a property, value is based on “the best   information the assessor can practically obtain.” PROPERTY OWNER RIGHTS  You have the right to refuse entry into your residence pursuant to section 70.05(4m) of the   Wisconsin statutes. Entry to view your property is prohibited unless voluntarily authorized   by you. Pursuant to section 70.05(4m) of the Wisconsin statutes, you have the right to   refuse a visual inspection of the interior of your residence and your refusal to allow an     interior inspection of your residence will not be used as the sole reason for increasing your   property tax assessment. Refusing entry to your residence also does not prohibit you from   objecting to your assessment pursuant to section 70.47(7) of the Wisconsin statutes.   Please indicate your consent or refusal to allow an interior visual inspection of your    residence.      Kind Regards, Amy Zacharias, VP Action Appraisers & Consultants, Inc Municipal Assessors Phone 920-766-7323




Steve Hackl, Chairman

W3765 Cicero Rd

Seymour, WI 54165



Cicero town leadership has been trying for over 4 years to get an internet service provider to expand in this community.  When the pandemic hit, it exposed the huge inequity of internet service in rural areas such as ours.  This situation compelled us to put more effort into getting an internet provider to increase coverage here.  Residents trying to work from home or parents of children forced to attend classes virtually, continue to be hampered by a lack of reliable, high speed internet.

Our recent efforts have culminated in a partnership between the Town of Cicero and Star Communications LLC.  This partnership will provide reliable, affordable high speed internet service to the majority of the town’s residents. 

Star Communications has offered an exclusive rate package for Town residents.  Star plans to build up to 3 new access points that will reach most of the residences in the town of Cicero.  In return, the town will pay for the basic installation cost for new customers.  This includes the antenna, wi-fi router and other related equipment, limited to one per household and/or apartment.  This offer is only available to residents within the town of Cicero and is contingent upon at least 60 new customers signing up with Star Communications for service. 

Funds are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.  If you don’t have access to the internet or if you are not happy with your current provider (even if you are currently in a contract) call Star Communications at 920-560-2437.  To sign up Online visit their website at and click on “Forms / Info” on the menu bar which will take you to another page. Click on “Town of Cicero Signup” or email us at [email protected].  Make sure to state you are calling about “the town of cicero Internet program”.

The deadline to sign up is June 1, 2022.



Steve Hackl

Steve Hackl,Chairman

Town of Cicero



Wisconsin’s Premier Fixed Wireless Internet Provider.
No Contracts ~ No Data Limits ~ No Gimmicks

In collaboration with the town of Cicero, Star Communications is working to bring High-Speed Fixed Wireless Internet infrastructure to the township. This infrastructure will provide reliable and affordable access to the Internet with plans ranging from 6 Mbps to 100 Mbps to most of the township.

The town of cicero will pay the $370 per location for the standard installation, equipment, and Wi-Fi router for Internet access up to 50 Mbps. Star Communications will also be offering discounted rates that are price locked (without contract) until 01-01-2025. For this project to happen, a minimum of 60 locations need to sign up by June 1, 2022. The sooner we reach the goal, the sooner the project will begin. Funds are also limited and will be first-come, first-served so don’t delay!

Star Communications Internet is simple to have Installed. We place a radio on the outside of the home that points at a local access point within 5 miles. A wire is then run inside to the Wi-Fi router and your service is ready to be used.

There are no Contracts or Data Limits, the service is not affected by weather like satellite, there are no slowdowns after a certain amount of data is used or other deceptive gimmicks. If you are currently in a contract with another provider, you can still sign up and get installed later, or we can see what we can do to help you get out of your current contract.

To sign up Online visit our website at and click on “Forms / Info” on the menu bar which will take you to another page. Click on “Town of Cicero Signup”.
You can also call us at 920-560-2437 or email us at [email protected] make sure to state you are calling about “the town of cicero Internet program”. 


 Star Communications LLC * 106 Northridge Dr. * New London, WI 54961